Busy editing at last.
Novels / June 8th, 2018 3:23 pm
Let's eat Grandma (Commas save lives)I got the edits back from Peasantry Press a couple of weeks ago for all three books in The Garden Adventures. It is, to say, the least, strange to be on the receiving end of an editor's response long list of suggestions/requests. Luckily it's mainly comma's in this case.

I now have four books coming out next year from two separate publishers. I cannot wait until 7 July when I officially become a full-time author/publisher.

Just signed the contract for 'Clemhorn Nightfall' with Winged Hussar Publishing
Novels / February 18th, 2018 3:50 pm
Cover showing Donald in uniform against Zepplin and Red Square in 1802Or rather had to resend the contract as I'd addressed the email incorrectly sad

Its due out in early 2019, and although there may be some changes to the cover they're happy to go with what I've been working on.


Background based on: Red Square in Moscow (1801) by Fedor Alekseev
Character: Donald by Steam Power Studios
Airship: Michael Rosskothen
Additional work: Andrew J Harvey

Edited 8 June to show the new cover (the Clemhorn has been 'shrunked' as the book is now to be titled Nightfall)