Newsletter – Pieces of Me – 1

Welcome to the first ‘Pieces of Andrew’ which includes:

  • An invite to my release party for Trouble on Teral on, or around Sunday 12 January.
  • $7.70 off the price of an autographed copy of Trouble on Teral  if you pre-order the eBook from either, or

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‘Pieces’ loosely follows the same structure as Gail Carriger’s ‘Chirrup’ newsletter (see Undoubtedly ‘Pieces’ will evolve, but I thought I’d start by cribbing from someone who knows what she’s doing, and with multiple NYT bestsellers and over a million books in print in dozens of different languages Ms Carriger definitely does that. Unlike an author of her calibre, however, I am way too undisciplined to put out a monthly newsletter, so will be aiming for a quarterly update. If you want something more up to date you can follow me on Twitter (@AndrewJHarveyAu), or my blog, and occasionally on Facebook.

Latest news

  • Trouble on Teral will be released on 7 January and is now available for pre-order from your local bookshop, or online store. The eBook is priced at A$4.40 and the paperback is A$17.99, and is being marketted for readers aged 10-15.It would really help me, and the fantastic team at Peasantry Press, to get as many pre-orders as possible, because this will generate interest from the distributors algorithms. Therefore:If you pre-order the eBook from either Kobo, or Amazon I will:
    • knock the cost of the eBook (A$4.40) off the price of a signed copy of Trouble on Teral from, and
    • provide free postage
    • giving a total of $7.70 off the price of the signed copy.

All you have to do is send me an email to ( and let me know you’ve pre-ordered and I’ll send you the coupon code you can use at checkout. If you want a dedication included in the book make sure you include something in the OrderNotes at checkout.

Perhaps running away from home had not been one of Mark’s brightest ideas. But when his mom cancelled his visit to her archaeological dig on Teral4 he felt he had no choice. Now, with his mom and the other archaeologists captured by the Llarst, he has to rescue her and her friends, stop the Llarst, and face his dad.

Upcoming events

YOU ARE INVITED TO MY FIRST release party for Trouble on Teral. The party is presently pencilled in for Sunday 12 January 2020. The book itself is getting released on 7 January, and  I will let everyone know once the location and date for the release party has been confirmed.

I’m also hoping to be able to shortly confirm the release dates for:

    • Nadir (sequel to Nightfall), and
    • Crisis at Callista Station (the sequel to Trouble on Teral).

The third books in both of these series are also with their respective publishers.

Recent releases

Through the Dark Mirror (A Novella of the Cross-Temporal Empire) was released on 4 September. At this stage it is only available on Amazon for the price of $1.00 US (For Australians this equates to A$1.46).

It is 1884 and the British and Russian Empires face each other across the Mississippi. On a parallel Earth one man’s honour demands revenge for those responsible for the death of his sister and the fall of his Empire. But what will honour demand as a parallel Earth faces invasion from those responsible, and the plagues they carry.

What I’m working on

    • I recently finished the third draft of For the Honor of the Agency, the first in a new trilogy that follows on three years after the Clemhorn Trilogy and passed it onto my Beta reader for feedback (thanks Charlie).
    • And I’ve recently finished the first draft of A Boy Called Su, which in turn follows on from the Honor Trilogy, and am now starting its sequel, The Su in Black. I have a rough idea for Su Walks the Line.
    • I’ve almost finished the final draft of a short story for a new Fantasy police procedural involving Investigating Magistrate Harriet Star set on Pangea Proxima, 250 million years in the future. It’s the first time in several decades I’ve actually managed a short story that’s under 10,000 words (this one’s 4,300). Having been writing so long in the Cross-Temperoral Empire’s universe its been quite stimulating exploring this new world.

Publication round up

Nightfall (eBook A$12.80, signed paperback (A$24.95) from

What I’m reading right now

I’m presently reading a couple of books, and finishing the last of the manuscripts submitted in June/July to Hague Publishing. The books are:

    • The Nyte Watch by Alex P. Berg. I really enjoyed his previous Daggers and Steele series but am struggling with the characters this time round as none of them seem particularly appealing.
    • Re-reading Mercedes Lackey’s Exiles in Valdemar Omnibus which includes Exile’s HonorExile’s Valor, and Take a Thief. I’ve skipped over all of Selenay’s introspection (boooring) but despite that am enjoying being back in Valdemar again.

What made me happy

Being able to make enough time to continue to learn how to use Photoshop, and Terragen. (See the following example).

But what made me really happy was finishing the book trailer for ‘Trouble on Teral’. The 3D effects and animation were created using Daz3D, and stitched together with PowerDirector 15, with some additional manipulation using Photoshop.

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