Newsletter – Pieces of Me – 2

Welcome to ‘Pieces of Andrew’ Sept 2020

Well, so much for a quarterly newsletter … Number 1 came out at the end of November 2019 and at that time I honestly expected to be able to produce a newsletter every 3 months – but then life intervened. However, with Crisis at Calista Station getting released two days ago, I thought I better update everyone.
So first off, the latest news.

Latest News:

  • Crisis at Calista Station, the second book in The Portal Adventure was released by Peasantry Press on 29 September (there’s a picture of the cover below).
  • I’ve had 1827 – Napoleon in Australia, a short story, accepted into an anthology of Australian alternate-history. The anthology has been edited by Jared Kavanagh and will be published by SeaLion Press. Once I have a release date, and a cover to show off, you can be assured I’ll let everyone know. I do need to thank Coan (my eldest) who, when I was casting around for an subject suggested Napoleon Bonaparte because, apparently, everyone likes a story about Napoleon.

Recent Releases:

Crisis at Calista Station


  • $10.99 US
  • $17.59 AU

from all good booksellers


  • $3.99 US
  • $5.59 AU

from all good online bookstores

Signed copies ($17.59 + P&P)

from the Author’s store.

Trouble on Teral



  • $10.99 US
  • $17.59 AU

from all good booksellers


  • $2.99 US
  • $4.40 AU

from all good online bookstores

Once again, signed copies are available

from the Author’s store for $17.59 + P&P


What I’m Working On:

  • The release of the other two books in the Clemhorn Trilogy has been held up by Covid, but I’ve been investigating turning Nightfall, the first book in the series, into an audio book, and am presently working with two narrators (one of each gender) to progress the project.
  • While Clemhorn’s been held up, I’ve been making good progress on editing The Honor Trilogy (For the Honor of the Agency, For the Honor of the Empire, and For Honor Alone) which are the the immediate follow-up to Clemhorn.
  • I’ve also got as far about half way through the first draft of the Su Trilogy, which introduces a host of new characters to the world of the Cross-Temporal Empire.
  • In my last newsletter I mentioned that I’d almost finished the final draft of a short story for a new Fantasy police procedural involving Investigating Magistrate Harriet Star set on Pangea Proxima, 250 million years in the future. I did finish the story, but and have now started to expand  it to novel length.
  • Hague Publishing has also been taking up a lot of my time, with the release of Ruth Fox’ The Bridges Trilogy, and Leonie Rogers’ Amethyst Pledge.


What I’m Reading:

Until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t actually been doing much reading this year but in the past month or so I’ve been able to finish quite a few. Anyway, here’s just some of the books:

  • The Left-handed Booksellers of London by Garth Nix (just released yesterday)
  • The White Pavilion by Ruth Fox: 5-star steam punk
  • Janissaries (The Theogone Book 1) by Chris Kennedy: 3-star OK space opera
  • The Wizard’s Butler by Nathan Lowell: 5-star ridiculous brilliance
  • A number of short stories by Bulgarian writer Elena Pavlova: 5-star weird and wonderful SF & F
  • Ride the Storm by Karen Chance (a Cassie Palmer story): 4-star over the top heroine
  • Brave the Tempest by Karen Chance (a Cassie Palmer story): 4-star over the top heroine
  • The Demon’s Den & Other Stories of Valdemar by Tanya Huff: 4-star, leaves you wanting more
  • Emerald Blaze by Ilona Andrews 6-star. Any book in the Blaze or Sweep series by the Andrew’s have me immediately rereading the book once I finish it – there are that good.

What Made Me Happy:

  • Attending the 2020 World Con in New Zealand. OK, it was virtual because of Covid 19 but I had a real blast. I shared a dealer’s table with Kalin from Bulgaria and ended up selling a couple of my books, and two of Hague Publishing’s. I guess the highlights for me were chatting with Leonie Rogers at the dealer’s table about the Frontier Series, attending a KaffeeKlatch with Amanda Bridgeman, and knowing (and being known) by the other five people in the room, attending a chat between three old SF authors and having them reminiscing about attending World Cons in the old days, which apparently involved a jelly bath.(something that would simply not occur nowadays)!
  • Being able to get Leonie’s Frontier Incursion into the Frankfurt Book Fair, which has also gone virtual this year, and will run from the 12th to the 16th of October. Check out the Fair’s website (in English) at
  • Producing the the trailer for Amethyst Pledge (see below)

Book trailer for Amethyst Pledge by Leonie Rogers. Produced by Andrew Harvey.

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