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Sultan Timeline

DATE EVENT (bold signifies POD)
570AD Birth of Mohammad
642AD 636-642 Arabs capture Syria, Iraq, Mesoptamia, Egypt
698AD Arabs control North Africa
717AD Arabs control secure over Spain
718AD PP Arabs capture Constantinople after internal convulsions weaken the city's resistance
720AD Batle of Kosova - Arabs conquer Balkans
725AD Arabs invade Italy
735AD Franks crushed at the battle of Bourges. Arabs gain control over France up to the Rhine. The only areas now remaining Christian are Ireland, Scotland, and to a degree England
741AD Death of Ulbar, last of the Ummyad Caliphs. Breakup of the Empire into the three caliphites: Eastern (Turkey, Iraq & Arabia) Southern (Africa and Spain) Northern (France and Italy)
965AD PP Harold Bluetooth, King of Denmark, accepts Christianity
1999AD Leif Erikson discovers America. Christian missionaries from England travel with him and bases are established on the eastern coast
1054AD Beginning of Southern Moslem conquests in West Africa
1066AD Acceptance of British king (Stephan III) Islam in exchange for foreign aid against the Danes.
1211AD Development of first moveable printing press.
1252AD A Spanish fleet from the Southern Caliphate reaches South America and establishes a Muslim colony.
1261AD Kubla Khan retains his capital at Karakorum in Mongolia after failing to capture Southern China
1348AD Black Death reaches Europe, disrupting contact with the Americas.
1350AD Birth of Husan bin Movak in Mayapan (America’s) who preaches a new American revealed version of Islam.
1397AD Union of Kalmar – Denmark, Norway, and Sweden unite under King Gustov I
1421AD Reestablishment of contact between Europe and the Americas discovers horses and Islamic empires in place in the Americas.
1850AD Reformation of the Northern Caliphate under Sheik Abdul Moris
1872AD Following the abdication of King Francis II of France, England and France (under the English King Stephen IV) form the kernel of what later becomes the Western Caliphate
12AE (12-15): The Great War against the United Christian States. The use of nuclear weapons results in the total destruction of the UCS.
52AE (52-54) creation of the two great military alliance, the Etehad Sho'mali and Etehad Junoobil
94AE Following a coup the United Tribes of the Great Plains successfully petition to join the Etehad Sho’mali.
97AE Present time

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