And a good review for the cover
Covers / March 27th, 2019 12:35 pm
From Joel Friedlander's eBook Cover Design Awards (February 2019). I'm pretty happy with his comments as I've submitted a couple of covers to the Awards on behalf of Hague Publishing and this is the best I've got so far, and for my first creation no less.

Andrew Harvey submitted Nightfall designed by Andrew J Harvey. “The cover reflects the Alternate History and SteamPunk genres of the book with the title’s typeface (LHF Old Abe Regular) chosen to emphasise the period the story is set in. The background (Red Square in Moscow (1801) by Fedor Alekseev) is used across all three books in the Trilogy.”

JF: Pretty effective for this genre by relying on the strong period artwork and an appropriate font, although the title should stand out more than it does here, where it looks like it was pushed to the top by the illustration.