The Su in Black
November 6th, 2019 2:50 pm     A+ | a-
Just starting to plot up a new book (The Su in Black) which will be the second in the Suman Haratan series (the first one being, of course, A Boy Called Su) . This series follows The Honor Trilogy which is set three years after the Clemhorn Trilogy (now in print from Zmok Books). The Su in Black is to be set on Dynand, an alternate timeline where males are cossetted, pampered, and generally put down because there are so few of them. I'm presently practicing with Daz3D and given that there are two feuding regiments involved (a la The Three Musketters) I've been trying to mock them up. This is a very early attempt.

The other thing is that realised I didn't have enough background on Isolde, one of my main characters, so for the first time ever, I took the advice of many other writers and wrote about an earlier period in her life. Who'd have known that she practised savate ( French kickboxing)!
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