The Su in Black
November 6th, 2019 2:50 pm
Just starting to plot up a new book (The Su in Black) which will be the second in the Suman Haratan series (the first one being, of course, A Boy Called Su) . This series follows The Honor Trilogy which is set three years after the Clemhorn Trilogy (now in print from Zmok Books). The Su in Black is to be set on Dynand, an alternate timeline where males are cossetted, pampered, and generally put down because there are so few of them. I'm presently practicing with Daz3D and given that there are two feuding regiments involved (a la The Three Musketters) I've been trying to mock them up. This is a very early attempt.

The other thing is that realised I didn't have enough background on Isolde, one of my main characters, so for the first time ever, I took the advice of many other writers and wrote about an earlier period in her life. Who'd have known that she practised savate ( French kickboxing)!
Nadir to be released in January 2020
Novels / July 21st, 2019 7:41 pm

Just got the news that Zmok books has committed to the release of the remaining two books in the Clemhorn series, with Nadir to be released in January 2020. 

NIGHTFALL give away
June 2nd, 2019 4:09 pm
Thje cover of Clemhorn NightfallI am giving away three signed copies of ‘Nightfall’ (Book 1 in the Clemhorn Trilogy) as well as a $25 Amazon gift voucher as part of tomorrow’s week long Blog Tour. For more information about the tour visit:

The tour runs June 3 to 14 and in addition to the giveways includes an interview, guest post, and reviews, so if you’re interested in finding out what my ‘cunning plan’ is, or what five fictional characters I’d invite to a tea party are, follow along.

As the Cross-Temporal Empire slides towards civil war, a war that threatens to destroy the Empire and the fifty-four parallel Earths that make it up, the Clemhorn family finds itself drawn into a struggle not only for the future of the Empire, but for their very lives. In a war that will split families, and set brother against sister.
Nightfall is NOW available
Novels / March 19th, 2019 9:45 am
The paperback was officially released on 19 February and I should have copies pretty soon. If anyone wants a signed copy pre-orders are available here.

I've also received confirmation that Hague Publishing will have a stall at SwanCon on Friday 19th April, and I'll be selling signed copies of Nightfall at it, so if you're at the convention, or even just in Fremantle, drop by and say hi.

And then in early June I'll be participating in a virtual blog tour with iRead Book Tours. You can check out some of the details at iRead's Upcoming Tours page.

The image is of Arnold Clemhorn, newly created by Jade of Steam Power Studios.
First round of edits for Nightfall have been completed
Novels / November 25th, 2018 4:22 pm
The first round of edits for Nightfall (Book 1 in the Clemhorn series) are now complete and the book is now listed for 22 January 2019. Very excited to see it popping up all over the web, including on Simon & Schuster. So the first time I need to do marketing for one of my own creations, what a weird feeling.

But more importantly I finally finished the trailer.