‘Through the Dark Mirror’ review

Cover of 'Through the Dark Mirror' - stone portalJust saw the review by Alex Wallace on the @SeaLionPress site. Oh my goodness – thank you!

It’s a short review, only 407 words but it packs a punch. Here’s Alex’  concluding paragraph.

There is a quiet morality here, brave in a way that most alternate history simply refuses to be. It forces you to look at the butchery that underlies the pomp of flags and banners and uniforms. Through a kaleidoscopic view at so many different aspects of this contact, Harvey shows that when events shake the ground, the quakes destroy lives and societies. It is a bold statement, one that the genre needs all the more.

The full review can be found at https://www.sealionpress.co.uk/post/through-the-dark-mirror-review.

1827: Napoleon in Australia shortlisted for the 2021 Sidewise Award for Best Short Form Alternate History

OK, so I didn’t win it, Matthew Kresal did for “Moonshot”, which was also in the same anthology (‘Alternate Australias’, edited by Jared Kavanagh, Sea Lion Press), but it was such an honour to even be shortlisted that I’m not even a little depressed.

Notification of winners of the 2020 and 2021 Sideways Awards