1827: Napoleon in Australia shortlisted for the 2021 Sidewise Award for Best Short Form Alternate History

OK, so I didn’t win it, Matthew Kresal did for “Moonshot”, which was also in the same anthology (‘Alternate Australias’, edited by Jared Kavanagh, Sea Lion Press), but it was such an honour to even be shortlisted that I’m not even a little depressed.

Notification of winners of the 2020 and 2021 Sideways Awards

My short story ‘1827: Napoleon in Australia’ won a Tin Duck for best West Austn Professional Short Written Work

Certificate and prizeStill glowing that my short story from Sea Lion Press‘ ‘Alternate Australias’ anthology won a Tin Duck for the Best WA Short Written Work on Saturday. The Tin Ducks are the Western Australian SF achievement awards and voted on by members at the annual Swancon convention.


I need to specifically thank Coan for suggesting Napoleon for the subject, Jared Kavanagh who edited the anthology, Sea Lion Press who took the risk on the book, and everyone who voted. Thank You! And yes I am still doing the little happy dance in my head!

Further to this, my sincere congratulations to Amanda Bridgeman for beating me out for the Best Novel with her The Sensation (Salvation #2) (Best WA Long Written Work!) I’m still ecstatic that ‘Nightfall’ (Clemhorn #1) Zmok Books was on the shortlist! Also shortlisted in the Short Work category were my ‘Trouble on Teral’ and “Crisis at Calista Station’ Middle Grade Readers published by Peasantry Press.

Clemhorn and Portal Adventure covers