Newsletter – Pieces of Me – 4

Number 4
MAY 2023

Welcome to ‘Pieces of Andrew’

A quick update between all my other projects.

  • Vortex on Vertu Prime, Book 3 in The Portal Adventures was released on May 1 and I’ve been thrilled by response from reviewers, with one reviewer paying for a signed copy of the paperback. Edward has his own fan club now!
  • Nadir, Book 2 in the Clemhorn Trilogy will be released very, very soon now, and we’ve already got the first review in (available on youtube and tictoc).
  • And The War of the Worlds in Real Time has been loaded and scheduled for June.

Praise for Vortex on Vertu Prime
Book 3 in the Portal Adventures

  • Fun blend of mystery, science, and time travel on an alien world … with a well-calculated balance of humor, action, and suspense ideal for middle school readers.
    Donna Sundblad (Author of Dragonborn)
  • A magnificent science fiction adventure… It’s Young Adult, but older readers of SFF will enjoy the world, tech, and excellent characters.
    Chris Roy (Amazon bestselling children’s author)
  • A fun experience … a really creative sci-fi premise!
    Julia (Goodreads & Amazon Reviewer)
  • I LOVED Edward, the alien teddy bear, Edward is so cute, and OMG, so fun
    Carola Schmidt (Award-winning author of kids’ cancer books)
  • Edward’s backstory … is sci-fi perfection
    Henry Roi (Goodreads Reviewer)
  • Whimsical. Funny. A page-turner! … All the characters are well-built, but Edward is special!
    5 well-deserved stars!
    Kristy Kloster (Goodreads Reviewer)


This is the first review for ‘Nadir’ book 2 in the Clemhorn Trilogy.

‘The War of the Worlds in Real Time’

Tripod destroying St Pauls126 years ago, humanity faced the greatest threat to its existence with the Martian invasion.
Recreated through the diaries, and photographs of the time, and with the assistance of H.G. Wells’ seminal work (The War of the Worlds), The War of the Worlds in Real Time will tell the story of what really happened during that crucial month in June 1897 when civilization teetered on the edge of extinction.
The War of the Worlds in Real Time is a fictionalised docudrama by: Michael Cnudde, Andrew J. Harvey, Leonie Rogers, Ken Vickery, and H.G. Wells – based on the documents and diaries of those involved in the Martian War.Follow the drama throughout the month of June 2023, tweet by tweet at:

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