Crisis at Calista Station – Book Trailer

Just finished the Book Trailer for Crisis at Calista Station – enjoy.

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Crisis at Calista Station (Book 2 in The Portal Adventures): Tania is tired of not having any friends because, every time her mother changes her job, they have to move. But this time Mom had really gone too far, dragging Tania away with her to a temporary posting as senior security officer on Calista Station.

Things start to look up when Tania meets Mark and his friends Windracer and Shr’un. Shr’un’s father is a technician for Malachi Mining, the same company where Tania’s mom works. But all is not well. Someone is stealing star-stones and smuggling them from the Station. When Shr’un’s father disappears, it appears he may have been involved, but then things go from bad to worse – Tania’s mom disappears as well! Now it is up to Tania, Mark, Windracer, and Shr’un, with a little help from Shr’un’s highly illegal AI, to solve the mystery and rescue the missing parents.

What I do in my spare time – the book trailer for Leonie Rogers ‘Amethyst Pledge’

April 20th, 2020 9:52 am

Working with words (writing, editing, and publishing) is now my full time job. Photoshop manipulations, and 3D animations using Daz3D is my hobby. The learning curve is quite steep but my progress has been fairly consistent, as demonstrated by my last trailer for Leonie Rogers’ ‘Amethyst Pledge’.

The book itself is now available for purchase online, by ordering from your local bookshop.