Sealion Press releases a new anthology – ‘Alternate Australias’

Congratulations to Sea Lion Press! And thanks to Jared Kavanagh for selecting my story ‘1827: Napoleon in Australia’ for his anthology Alternate Australias, amidst a fantastic group of fellow authors.

I’ll be posting more when I’ve had the chance to read the other author’s works, who include:

  • Simon Berading
  • Liam Connell
  • Wm. Garret Cothran
  • David Flin
  • Andrew J. Harvey
  • Jared Kavanagh
  • Matthew Kresal
  • Peter Rhodan
  • Natasja Rose
  • Colin Salt
  • Steven H Silver


‘Crisis at Calista Station’, book 2 in the Portal Adventures is now available

Cover of Crisis showing Tania and Shr'un with Mark and Windracer in the backgroundI’m excited to announce that Book 2 in
The Portal Adventures, published by Peasantry Press is now available. The book is available from all good online book sellers, and on order from your local book shop (I’ve included direct links at the bottom of this post). Signed Copies ($17.59 AU), are available from here. You can also read samples of the book here.

Tania was getting tired of not having any friends just because every time her mom changed her job they had to move. But this time Mom had really gone too far and dragged Tania away with her to a temporary posting as senior security officer on Calista Station.
Things start to look up for Tania when she meets Mark and his friends Windracer and Shr’un. Windracer is an apprentice mediator, there to observe trade talks, while Shr’un’s father is a technician for Malachi Mining, the same company where Tania’s mom works . But all is not well. star-stones, gems forged in the heart of a dying sun, are being stolen and smuggled from the Station. When Shr’un’s father disappears, it appears that he may have been involved with the smugglers , but then things go from bad to worse – Tania’s mom disappears as well! Now it is up to Tania, Mark, Windracer, and Shr’un, with a little help from Shr’un’s highly illegal AI, to solve the mystery and rescue the missing parents.
Paperbacks and eBooks can be ordered from:
eBooks only
Paperbacks only